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Amry Emerson | Student Spotlight | Class of 2023

Posted Date: 04/01/2022

Picture of Amry Emerson.“The teachers and like everybody who works here are really good at like making sure that everyone’s happy and doing what they are supposed to do and not like treating people like poorly and unfairly…I have noticed teachers calling people out for not treating people right.” 

Treating people with kindness is the most important thing that Amry has learned at OHS. “My 10th-grade year, I was not nice. I was literally so mean, and then, I guess, I grew up and realized that was not the way you should treat people—which is horrible to like say...”

“I first moved here, and I guess I had a lot of walls built up, and so I was like kind of mean to everyone because I didn’t want to make friends…I just didn’t want people to, like, judge me or anything. And then, I just realized that people judge me more because I am mean, so I just decided to be nice.”

Now, Amry is on the same page as her teachers—practicing kindness and letting people know when they are not being kind or respectful.

Amry has an after-school job at Sonic where she normally works four days a week. “I like it. It’s fun…I like everybody I work with.”

Amry has several favorites. Her favorite class is her 11th grade English class with Mrs. Farmer. She said that Mrs. Famer is easy to talk to, and she has lots of friends in that class. Her favorite food is thin crust pepperoni pizza with pineapples. She is the only person in her family who likes it that way, so she keeps a can of pineapples handy for when they have pizza.

Her favorite musical artists are Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. 

If her life had a hashtag it would be #messy. “I’m messy…literally everything about me is a mess. It’s like a clean mess.” 

In the future, she hopes to study psychology and become a therapist. She is passionate about foster care. “I feel like they [children in foster care] need someone to talk to…it’s [foster care is] scary…I want to be that person for some people if I could be.” In 10 years, Amry hopes to be married with a dog, a house, and a successful career.

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