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Jacob Finn | Student Spotlight | Class of 2024

Posted Date: 03/11/2022

Picture of Jacob Finn.Jacob said that OHS is good at helping students get out of their comfort zones. Football is near and dear to Jacob’s heart. He was seven or eight when he first learned to throw a football, and he looks forward to playing backyard football at his aunt’s every Thanksgiving. 

His dream was to start playing Hillbilly football in 7th grade, but his dream was thwarted. “I got real nervous, and then my friends told me that it’s okay—get out of your comfort zone.” He listened to his friends, joined the football team, and has not looked back. He plays receiver and safety. “I got to play a lot…and help my team be…conference champions.”

Jacob’s favorite teacher is Mr. Norris, his English teacher. “He changes stuff up, and we never stay on topic, but then, we all get on topic and get our work done.”

His favorite food is hamburgers that he makes for himself. “My mom works nights. With swelling pride, he explained his process. He starts by adding Greek seasoning and lemon pepper to ground beef. Then, he grills his burgers in a pan and finishes them off with American or pepper jack cheese—pepper jack is his preference—pickles, and barbecue sauce. For dessert, he likes his mom’s no-bake cheesecake.

His Aunt Charlotte has had the most influence on him. “She was there when I was born…every summer, sometimes, I go out there and hang out with her and my cousins and I get to be myself and take care of some animals and at the end of the day, just relax and have fun.”

In the future, Jacob hopes to play college football. If that does not work out, he hopes to further his education in math and mechanics. In 10 years, he sees himself settled into a good job in Ozark hanging out with his friends and watching Hillbilly football on the weekends.

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