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Curriculum Taught

As part of MD Anderson's mission to end cancer, we're aspiring to
raise the first tobacco-free generation. It's this goal that led to the
creation of the ASPIRE program.

ASPIRE, which stands for A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience,
aims to educate teens about the dangers of tobacco use, so they never start smoking.
For teens who already use tobacco, it provides information and strategies to quit smoking.

This free, web-based school curriculum is now available to students
in grades 8-12 as a way to educate and, hopefully, stop the use of
vaping products by our students.

                                               Aspire brochure

Breaking the Cycle

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has made it a priority to raise awareness
of domestic violence, sexual assault and dating violence and provide several resources
to educate and assist Arkansans on this pressing issue of domestic violence.

Students in grades 10-12 complete a 2-day training that includes;

the four types of dating/domestic violence
healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
how to ask for help/get out of a bad relationship
how to help others in a bad relationship
 phone 1-866-331-9474
text "love is" to 22522