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Arkansas Governor's School

Arkansas Governor’s School


The Arkansas Governor’s School is a four-week summer residential program for upcoming high school seniors who are residents of the state of Arkansas. The program is funded by the Arkansas State Legislature as a portion of the biennial appropriation for Gifted and Talented Programs through the State Department of Education. State funds provide tuition, room, board, and instructional materials for each student who attends the four-week program on the site of a residential college campus, sponsored by the State. The Arkansas Governor’s School is a non-credit program that seeks to create a unique experience for a select group of Arkansas’ best students—the potential leaders of the 21st century. Both inside and outside the classrooms, AGS provides highly motivated, creative students with an intellectual atmosphere impossible to sustain in ordinary academic settings. The excitement of intellectual and artistic pursuits and the expectation of significant conceptual gains permeate all aspects of the participants’ lives for the full four weeks.


  • Eligible students must be nominated by their schools to attend Arkansas Governor’s School (AGS). The FIRST step for students interested in attending is to contact their school counselor to get nominated. Students cannot start the application process until they are nominated by their school and receive an email from AGS with a nomination link.
  • Click here for the AGS student recruitment video.  Counselors should feel free to share this with prospective students.
  • Please check the Eligibility Requirements before nominating/applying.
  • Students must be willing to commit to attend the entire session. Students who would like to participate in other programs or activities that run concurrent to AGS should not apply. Session dates: July 5-August 1, 2022


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