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Failed Screener Instructions

Covid aware graphic. Click for readable image.

Daily use of the Ozark Hillbilly Daily Covid-19 Home Screening for Students is recommended.

If your child is sick or has been exposed to someone with Covid, please keep them at home. Then, complete the following.

  • Call Mrs. Sarah Culver, OHS administrative assistant, at 479-667-4116 and tell her that your child is sick.
  • Please stay in communication with us regarding his or her illness and keep your child at home as long as they are sick.
  • Our Home Access Center (HAC) is a quick way to get an overview of your child’s assignments and grades. You can find detailed information on how to login to the HAC here. Building secretaries can provide you with HAC login information.
  • If you have concerns about your children's progress on classwork or grades, please reach out to their teacher. You can look up teachers’ email addresses by name here.

If you think your child needs to be tested for Covid-19, contact their primary care physician or the Franklin County Health Unit. As of 9/14/2020, the Franklin County Health Unit is providing Covid-19 testing.